Escape Alive Survival Skills™ - Testimonials

"I would like to just say thank you for this opportunity. I think this class truly is a life changing couple of hours and is definitely necessary in a world like today. The fact that this class was free was a great benefit."
- Katy Hellmann, Watertown Class

"My daughter and I both came away from the class empowered with useful information/techniques and we're both grateful that we attended. This program would be worthwhile even if I was required to pay to attend. Women must learn techniques to keep themselves safe and to escape a bad situation should it arise. I simply can't thank you enough for this valuable public service. Your staff members are to be commended for a job well done!"
-Terry & Marisa Wagner (Mom/daughter), Marlborough, CT


Duty Trumps Doubt Testimonials

…a very effective video…The message is strong, clear and graphic."
- Thomas E. Flaherty, Executive Director, CT Police Officer Standards and Training

"Very powerful…very personal. It is a reminder to officers that the victims are real people experiencing real pain."
- Craig Miller, Deputy Chief, Dallas Police Department, Texas


Safe Student Initiative™ - Testimonials

"Our students were moved by how brave the speakers were for sharing their personal stories. Hearing from survivors first hand will have a lasting impact."
- Katelyn Giulino, Health Teacher, Naugatuck High School

"The guest speaker was nice because she was talking about healthy and unhealthy relationships, saying yes or no when someone asks you to go on a date with that person, and drugs."
- Kelly Ortiz, Student, Naugatuck High School


VIP Testimonials

"I have seen first-hand the positive impact this organization has had on survivors of sexual assault, their families and loved ones, and society as a whole."
- Dr. Henry C. Lee, Internationally renowned forensic scientist, Founder, Henry C. Lee Forensic Institute, University of New Haven

" Jane Doe No More is giving hope to victims and building a vocal, vibrant and visible survivor community. The feedback from their programs and services has been tremendous and they are poised for growth. "
- Charles Boulier III, CEO, Ion Bank