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Deb Mitchell - October 10, 2018

I am a survivor of child sexual assault from the age of 6 until I left home at the age of 19.

Until the age of 45, I had never met anyone like me. I felt shame, blame and fear that no one would want to know me if they knew.

At 48, I found a support group and after 2 years, I found myself helping others through a volunteer program where I received an email about an organization called Jane Doe No More. They were looking for individuals to join an outreach team and share their stories to police organiations, colleges and Community events.

In 2012, I joined Jane Doe No More, and that changed my life. I remember going to the bookstores and searching for stories about incest survivors. I wanted to see what happened to them. How they lived their lives. Years later, I realized that what I was really looking for was HOPE.

Through this organization, when I am in front of others, sharing my story, I feel like now, I can BE the hope that others might be looking for.

After speaking at a public event, a woman came up to me and said; “I am a survivor too. I am 65 years old. I have only told 2 people in my life, my best friend, and now YOU.”

Jane Doe No More has given me a new perspective on my trauma. I now know that I MATTER.

-Deb Mitchell
Jane Doe No More Survivors Speak Outreach Member

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