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Jenn Tansley - October 10, 2018

I’m Jenn Tansley. I’m a mother, a wife, a successful entrepreneur, and also a survivor of sexual assault. However, until I became involved with Jane Doe No More, it felt like there wasn’t as much room for my other identities, as the victim part seemed to always creep back in and take over.

My assault took place when I was entering my senior year of high school. Until that point, I was an honors student, applying to fine art schools, and was in intensive ballet training about 5-6 days a week. As the months went on after my assault, my grades suffered, I almost failed my art class, and I quit ballet. I stopped being Jenn, and was a new form of myself. And yes, I still went on to college, graduated with a bachelor’s degree with honors, and went on to make a life for myself. But some of my sparkle was gone.

Then enter Jane Doe No More. This organization is so important, because it gives survivors a way to get their voice back, and through that process, go on to become the people they were meant to become before their assault or trauma.

But it takes time, and it takes support from people like you. I’d like to say that as soon as I became aware of Jane Doe No More, I joined and went on to heal. But it didn’t quite go that way. I first learned about them in 2011, and attended their open house in Naugatuck. But I didn’t tell anyone why I was there, and didn’t join then. I then attended a speaking event in early 2013, where I listened, but didn’t tell anyone why I was there. It wasn’t until May of 2013 when I finally emailed to get involved, and then joined the Survivors Speak Outreach Team that following September.

So for me it took several events and two years of following the organization to finally reach out and find my voice. Which is why it is so very important to support Jane Doe No More, so they can keep hosting more events, and keep reaching people like me. People who want to get their voice back, but don’t know how.

And today, while I am still a survivor of sexual assault, I can honestly say I have some of my sparkle back.

I now know that I MATTER. Your donation will let others know THEY MATTER TOO!

-Jenn Tansley
Jane Doe No More Survivors Speak Outreach Member

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